Sunday, August 29, 2010

Frames of Freedom Contest

Hai friends,
This blog is in response to the contest Frames of Freedom

Following are my entries:

=> Freedom from condemnation:

The picture itself speaks volumes. Achieving success by pushing ourselves against all odds and condemns. Do something different from others and gain something which is purely yours!!

 => Freedom from the race of survival:

Freedom from stressful life-style......seeking liberty through devotion......!!
be it a full-time labour or a multi-millionaire, year-old baby or a century-old person .......everybody ultimately seeks the one common thing, PEACE!!

=> Freedom of words, of activities, to knowledge:

Experiencing the joy of freedom through knowledge and play. An educated , ignited soul is necessary for the vision of a DEVELOPED INDIA. "If we work and sweat for the great vision with ignited mind,
The transformation leading to the birth
Of a vibrant, developed India will happen.”
- Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam


  1. Congratulations for your win. Unique conception of thoughts and expressions in a very unusual pictures! Congrats again.

  2. Thank really happy to participate!!!

  3. all ur pics r really wowwieeee......congratulations!!! :)